It’s mid December and I’m gearing up to performance number four of five…..that means it can’t be long until the end of the Autumn term and indeed the end of another year. I love working with my choirs and often feel sad as one term comes to an end.  The break and time away are a great tonic though and I’m already excited about the new songs I’ll be teaching in 2018. 

I love December, it’s a chance to reflect and also a time of great anticipation and hope.  It’s been a really busy year for me and one which I am especially proud of.

My “Do you hear My voice” campaign for AnxietyUK and Action for Happiness has taken up a lot of my time this year and I’m hopeful that this is just the start of something new which grows and develops in 2018. If you have hope you have everything don’t you? 

I hope you enjoy the short film below. I have been truly touched by the interviews you will see and hear as part of my fundraising and awareness campaign. The kind words and candid thoughts shared by three of my choir members has reminded me of why I started leading choirs ten years ago and why I continue to love every aspect of my work as a choir leader. 

So, in the words of Mariah Carey “I don’t want a lot for Christmas”, but if I did have one wish to make, it would be for a happier & healthier world.  Perhaps my composition can help others to find their voice too? Perhaps my song will be an anthem of hope for 2018? Perhaps….I can only hope and wait and see.

With love until my final blog for 2017

Mary Bourne 

Founder, Singing it back.