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Workplace choirs

Excellent for teambuilding, communication and employee well being

We currently run a workplace choir for the British Standards Institute (Chiswick) and have previously run the workplace choir for Hounslow Borough Council and teacher inset days for Alexandra Infants school staff, Bedelsford school staff and St Matthew’s school staff.  Do send us an email to find out how we can develop your ideas for a successful workplace choir.

Singing and making music as part of a group creates good teamwork through listening and communication, raises confidence and self-esteem and promotes creativity.  Our approach to teaching is fun and uplifting and we do our best to ensure that everyone can become part of the ‘choir’ team, regardless of age, gender, musical experience or role. Too shy to sing? Then perhaps our voice plus drum and junk percussion workshop could be the perfect solution. See our workshops page for more details.


An end of term ‘informal’ concert to your workplace or peer group gives an excellent focus with a shared common goal.  Workplace choirs could take place over lunchtime in a spare office.  Just 45-60mins of singing during the middle of the day, giving a boost to productivity in the afternoon. Why not get in touch for a chat to see how we could work together to create harmony in your workplace? We’d love to hear from you to discuss your needs. 0208 549 2926 or email mary@singingitback.com

School Choirs

We offer workshops for leavers assemblies, Christmas carol concerts or INSET day teacher ‘come and sing’ days.  Get in touch to see how we can best support your school.



Research has found that music aids personal development, building confidence, self-esteem and discipline. It strengthens social skills, helping children to understand and interact with others, promoting skills such as empathy.  It enhances intellectual development, improving maths and reading abilities and promoting abstract reasoning and spatial cognition.  Participation in music helps steer young people away from damaging behaviour and lifestyles.