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“Singing has physical and mental benefits for individuals, and social benefits for communities and groups.”

Physical Benefits:

  •  Improved airflow in the upper respiratory tract can counteract the symptoms of colds and flu.
  • It improves neurological functioning and physical posture.
  •  Singing makes us feel content allowing us to be less aware of our physical problems
  • It is an aerobic activity improving oxygen flow and making us more alert.

Mental Benefits:

  •  Singing helps us to live ‘in the present moment’. It allows us to forget about our worries and concentrate fully on one activity.
  •  Singing floods the brain with healthy chemicals and gives us a natural ‘high’.
  •  It allows us to be part of a bigger group; it raises self esteem and confidence.
  •  Singing boosts the ‘memory muscle’.
  • It allows for shared emotion and can help build new friendships. It reduces stress and can alleviate the feelings of isolation and anxiety.

Team or Group Benefits:

  •  Shared experience  gives a sense of community and team building.
  •  Learning something new together from a common base is a good ice breaker.
  •  The sense of achievement from completing a song in harmony is a great motivator.
  • To heighten and improve listening skills
  • To focus on a shared goal made up of many parts.