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Method of Learning

By ‘singing it back’ we mean listening and repeating a phrase or harmony until learned by heart.  Often referred to as learning by rote. This way the music becomes accessible to everyone and not exclusive only to those who can ‘read the dots’. By utilising scores alongside aural learning, those who are less familiar with notation, can become more comfortable and start to understand and follow along with a score.

Type of Singing:

We sing some songs which have piano accompaniment as well as ‘a Capella’  (voices without accompaniment). We sing in 3 or 4 part harmony and singers are encouraged to try out new parts for different songs.

The Songs We Sing:

Generally covering six songs in four-part harmony over a twelve-week term. The songs are chosen by the leader and will be a mixed repertoire over the term. We sometimes revisit favourites from past terms, but generally, start a new set of songs at the beginning of each term.