February flew past let’s March on……

Welcome to my Blog……..February flew by so let’s March on! See what I did there? Pretty clever eh?

Apologies for the lack of February blog, it’s a rather short month isn’t it? That’s my excuse for not putting pen to paper. I’m sure I was barely missed, but I’m back now and I hope you are looking forward to reading my blog. All settled down? Good….let’s start.

So, welcome to March. The Daffodils are in bloom and this half Welsh lass has not forgotten her roots. Wishing a very Happy St David’s day to my followers, friends & family (lots of Welsh folk there) on 1st March 2017.

So, I rather like March for many reasons. The days are getting longer, Spring is around the corner and Summer holidays never far behind.  A big part of my life is devoted to travel and planning adventures as much as possible alongside working as a freelance choir leader and parenting. I’m excited to have some lovely trips planned for 2017 with my family of intrepid travellers.  Now that my children are older, we are able to travel a bit further afield and try a few more adventurous things.  Travelling together as a family has taught us lots about each other. We love discovering new places, revisiting tried and tested favourites and returning home re-energised.

This March I am especially excited to be arranging a Hoe Down and concert for my three choirs. It’s going to be such a HOOT and I especially love any excuse for a bit of ‘heel, toe, heel, toe, grapevine’. Throw in a few sausages and a choir performance and you’ll find me in my element.  Kids and adults all having fun together with music and dancing at the heart of the event.  

I am very lucky to live and to have created work in a great community.  Since leading community choirs for the past 9 years, I have met in the region of 700 people and their friends and families. As my own family change and grow, it’s a pleasure to be able to be involved with other families with younger children and learn from the generation ahead of me who have so much knowledge, wisdom and time to share. The Hoe down event (with Line dance caller) is a great way for the generations within the choirs to mix and mingle, regardless of their age.

When I was growing up, I remember going to all sorts of community gatherings with live bands and dancing the ‘March of the Mods’ with my Mum and feeling very proud of getting the steps right.  If you’ve never done the March of the Mods, I highly recommend it!

It’s wonderful that my work can encourage new friendships and relationships. I’ve certainly made some new friends along the way. Whether these friendships are for a reason, a season or a lifetime, who knows? But true friendships are so important (and I don’t mean the ones you find on Facebook!). 

Thanks for reading my March Blog. I look forward to seeing you in April

In the meantime…. Let’s March (of the Mods)

With best wishes

Mary x