Let’s Celebrate

Thanks for popping over to my November Blog. This month it’s my birthday and even though the days are short and the nights are dark, it’s always a time of year to celebrate for those of us born in the depths of Autumn.

It’s been an especially big birthday for me, (in terms of numbers) and despite feeling like a whole decade has whizzed by in a flash, I am excited about what lies ahead as I enter my 50s!! I’ve lots to look forward to and so much to reflect on and celebrate.

During my 40’s I created many opportunities to try out new things whilst raising my young family. From kayaking to leading choirs, from hot air ballooning to elephant dodging on safari, from trekking the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to finding my feet as an adult at ballet, it’s truly been a decade of discovery. 

On reflection, it’s been a time of growth and development whilst also being a time of acceptance of the things I can do and the things I’m not so good at. I’ve had some once in a lifetime experiences as a choir leader. I have led the National Anthem Live on TV in front of an audience of 80,000 at Wembley Stadium. I’ve trekked for 5 days wearing crampons in the snow whilst feeling very scared. It was worth every anxious moment though, as I raised over £1000 for the Musical brain charity. I’ve watched my children grow into amazing young adults, and said farewell to love ones who have gracefully departed this earth.

So, this past decade has certainly been a memorable one. As for the next decade? Well, we shall see. I am as excited as a 6 year old who has just received her first bike without stabilisers and, as always, planning planning all the wonderful things I can try. There are so many amazing people to meet, so many beautiful parts of the world to see and so many new things to learn.  With my health and my happiness and my loving family around me, anything is possible………so Celebrate with me, the best is yet to be.

I look forward to seeing you again in December

Until then – wish me a big Happy birthday, Sing for me and eat as much cake as you can (but not at the same time)

Best wishes

Mary xxx


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