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Mad as a March Hare.

On March 7, 2018 By

Hello & welcome to our March Blog, Mad as a March Hare.

It’s been a crazy start to March for much of the country hasn’t it?  The Beast from the East certainly stopped us all in our tracks last week. In my neck of the woods, the snow has thawed, the birds are singing, sun […]

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Sing to be Free

On February 13, 2018 By

Hello, and welcome to our February Blog, written by one of our much loved and long standing choir members, Anne.

It’s always wonderful to hear just how much being part of the choir means to our singers. 

Sing to be free, By Anne Bren ~ Choir member, Prima Voce Choir (Tuesday evening).

Recently [today in […]

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On December 11, 2017 By

It’s mid December and I’m gearing up to performance number four of five…..that means it can’t be long until the end of the Autumn term and indeed the end of another year. I love working with my choirs and often feel sad as one term comes to an end.  The break and time away are […]

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November Flurries.

On November 27, 2017 By

The forecast for late November : Flurries of activity, Flurries of kindness and Flurries of snow.  It’s been a really wonderful past few weeks and I’m hopeful you may even get a flurry of excitement yourself when you read all about what’s been happening and how your unique and wonderful voice can be involved in […]

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“Do you hear my voice?”

On November 2, 2017 By

Hello and welcome to the first of our November Blogs “Do you hear my voice?”.

There will be a second blog post in November as there is just so much to tell you about! For now, grab a cuppa or settle yourself down somewhere quiet for a few minutes. Easier said that done right? Busy […]

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Hello, and welcome to our June Blog.

It’s been a difficult few weeks hasn’t it? Each day I wake up and almost dread turning on the news for fear of hearing another tragic story.  It can feel like a lonely, scary world at the moment can’t it?

The Manchester tragedy was a hard hitting blow […]

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Hello, and welcome to my May Blog.  Possibly one of my favourite months of the year for all sorts of reasons. We celebrate a much loved family member’s birthday in May, the weather is perking up, the trees are as Green as green can be and the Rose which I planted outside my house 22 […]

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It’s Spring at last and despite the many sad and unsettling events of the past few weeks, it’s been a time where I have noticed the extra kindness that is all around me.  Rather than dwell on some of the sad times or rant about the decisions being made about the future, I have tried […]

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Welcome to my Blog……..February flew by so let’s March on! See what I did there? Pretty clever eh?

Apologies for the lack of February blog, it’s a rather short month isn’t it? That’s my excuse for not putting pen to paper. I’m sure I was barely missed, but I’m back now and I hope you […]

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Welcome to my January Blog: “In flow” in more ways than one.

First and foremost welcome to 2017. It’s almost the end of January now, but for many, the idea of the New Year is still very much on our minds. Perhaps you started a new hobby this year, or made some resolutions which you’ve […]

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